Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Como Te Llamas?

Last night, Frankie was teasing me about something that I don’t commonly share; an incident which occurred when I was in kindergarten. As a savvy 5 year old, I decided that it would be better if I were named Helen. So, I took it upon myself to scratch “Hillary” off of everything I owned and write “Helen” instead. I’m sure it was confusing for my teacher to find out half-way through the year that “Hillary Judd” was defunct and a new student, “Helen Judd” had taken her place; from her desk to her cubby. The fink teacher alerted my parents and my dreams of being named Helen had to be cast away.

Thank goodness. Helen is not a pretty name (if you are named Helen, no offense. But you know it is true).

So, we were laughing about that and I asked Frankie what he would’ve changed his name to when he was a kid. His response was perfect. “Probably something lame,” he began, “like Jason. Or Captain Kirk.”

Thinking back on yourself as a young child, what name would you have chosen?


  1. I wanted to be called "Stephanie" after Stephanie Tanner from Full House. Whenever a group of friends and I would get together and have some sort of lame non-existing "club" going on, I chose Stephanie as my club alias.

    Don't hate. You know you loved the Full House too.

  2. My sister wanted to be called RobinHood-Pocahontis-HonaluluHawaii. It never stuck though.
    For I time I thought it would be cool to change my name to Michaelangelo...you know the Ninja Turtle...but Nate told me no. He's so bossy.

  3. Since my name is so long, Leinaala, and hard to pronounce I always thought about this more then you know. Kids would call me "that girl with that name or Leena." Yuck!
    I wanted to have a nice and easy name and I thought I would look tough if I had a boys name like Ryan or Dusty or Quaite.
    I don't know why I like those names. I still do. Maybe I should change it?


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