Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Triumph of Darby

We've had another successful visit to the dentist! Darby does such a great job; she sits in that big chair like such a grown-up (well, better than some grown-ups, actually), follows directions and makes her mama so proud! The staff and dentist get such a kick out of her and she just gives me a thumbs-up the whole time. I am proud of her for being such a good brusher and such a good patient. She has been trying to brush her teeth again all morning.

When I asked her to smile for the webcam, this is what she gave me. Apparently Darby is a pirate. Oh, and she told me that she wants to be a tooth for Halloween. Any ideas on how to pull that off?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beautiful Darby

"Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music." ~William Stafford

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tenemos Un Meaty-Meaty

You know that episode of Friends where Phoebe talks about lobsters? Well, long ago Bingham (my best friend and dearest mission companion) and I decided that we are like friend lobsters. Like, if we could be sealed to a friend for time and all eternity, Bing and I would be sealed to eachother.

And as wonderful as she is and as much as I love her, I am terrible at remembering her birthday! It is tomorrow, September 18th. She will be 30. Anyway, for years I’ve had it in my head that her birthday was October 18th and one year, I called her on October 19th and said, “Bing, I’m such a jack-ass. I forgot to call you on your birthday yesterday.” And she said, “No Judd. You are a jack-ass because you forgot to call me on my birthday a month ago.” And that’s my Bing.

So, in an attempt to redeem myself to her (I cannot blog everyone's birthday, but I owe it to Bing after all my birthday failings!), this post is to commemorate Bingham’s 30th birthday. I will follow the format set out by the primary for the birthday spotlight.

Name: Alicia Bingham Loor

Favorite Color: well, I’m not sure. That’s weird of me. But, she looks great in blue.

Favorite Food: Chifa, last time we lived together.

Favorite Thing To Do: Bing loves to be with her daughter, Evelyn, and her dog, Raya. She spends a lot of time caring for her family. She loves to read and is very, very intelligent. She also loves rugby because she is a total bad-A!

Favorite Place To Go: Bing likes to go to Ecuador. And any lake. She loves swimming (and water skiing).

Favorite Primary Song: Well, we didn’t do much primary together, but we did have to sing a lot of duets in Carapungo (every Sunday, as it were!).

Favorite Scripture Story: Bingham knows everything about the scriptures. If you make reference to some vague verse, she will be able to tell you exactly what book, chapter, and verse it is. She is amazing that way.

Something Fun For Others To Know: Bingham and I bonded our very first hour together when we somehow found out that our moms did the very same dances when we would go to Old Navy with them. She even re-enacted it for me, and it was flawless. Bingham has the ability to make anyone laugh about anything at all.

Bingaling, you are amazing. I love so much and am so thankful that you were born. Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Conspiracy Theory 101

I am absolutely unhinged sometimes and I know it. A magnificent neurotic mess.

Now that you know (if you didn’t already), I’ll fill you in on one of my latest obsessions; the flu vaccination. Now, I always have Darby inoculated for the seasonal flu, but not the H1N1 virus. It’s too new and it was so shady to me the way it was pushed with scare tactics. Well, last year, not enough people got the H1N1 vaccine, so now it is just a component of the regular flu shot. So, what do I do? I think it is a freaky maneuver to force you to get both when you only want one or the other. I called Darby’s pediatrician’s office and they told me that a seasonal flu shot without the H1N1 component was not manufactured. Now I don’t know what is scarier; no vaccine or a two-fer vaccine, the second component of which is not something I want injected into my child. I’m all for modern medicine, but I also believe that there is something behind the push for inoculation. Now it is not just being pushed for the young and the elderly; it’s a push for universal vaccination. That is also weird. What do you think? I need some serious opinions here.

I’m this close to the brink of my sanity.

(p.s. as I was looking at cartoons for this post, I found freaky information about conspiracy theories that this is biological warfare, etc. Pretty freaky stuff. You should look it up a bit.)