Friday, August 27, 2010

Too Cool

For weeks Darby has been prepping me for the beginning of preschool. “Mom, you can’t come to my school with me.” Sure I heard what she said, but I felt confident that when it came down to it, she would want me there. I mean, she would want me there, right?

The day fast approached and Darby informed me that she would be taking the bus to school. I informed Darby that she would never take a bus to school.

T minus two days and counting is when Darby decided she wanted me to come to school with her. It warms a mother’s heart to hear her child console her with flattery; flattery which I was eager to accept.

The first day of preschool finally arrived and Darby was ready to go! She was ready to go from the moment she awakened and was dressed to the nines an hour before school started. We got in the car and made our way toward the huge milestone ahead of us.

We walked into the school and Darby quickly found her cubby and chair. As others filtered in, I hung back and just watched Darby enjoying her new adventure. Kids were clinging to their mothers’ legs, screaming while their little hands were pried away from their safety net. My sweet baby was doing fine, so I decided that I’d better leave before she realized that she, too, needed her mama.

I approached her to give her a kiss and tell her what a great day it was going to be for her. As I neared my darling 4 year old on her first day of school, she looked up at me with an angelic, if not surprised, face.

“Why are you still here?” were her actual words.

So much for a baby needing her mama! I slinked away in embarrassment at the snub I had just received from my posterity.

Darby is doing great in preschool and is not troubled by any pesky attachment to her nerdy mom.

(sorry for the terrible picture; we finally got a charger for our camera battery, but now i cannot find the cord to attach it to the computer, so i web-cammed a picture from the camera. i know, i'm ghetto).