Sunday, March 27, 2011

You Give Me Fever

And not the good kind! Panda Express, my love and knife, gave me a healthy dose of fricking food poisoning. Never again, Panda. NEVER AGAIN. And for my Ecuas out there, Nunca mas jamas!

So, after barfing multiple times and laying on the bathroom floor, shaking and falling in and out of sleep (it was 2 a.m. and I was so, so tired! Why is it that the throw-ups never hit when you are well rested?) I was feeling angry that I had just cleaned the bathroom that day. And also, I was feeling grateful that I had just cleaned the bathroom that day! Being that close to a clean toilet is just so much better than the alternative. But, I knew that, being the germ-a-phobe that I am, I would be cleaning the bathroom again within the next twelve hours. I mean, I’m a clean person even when sick, but just in case. So, as I lay on the bathmat, reaching my hand up to wipe down the seat with a Clorox wipe, a new anger overtook me…

What a freaking waste of money!

Good to know that I am both neurotic and cheap even in the most dire of circumstances.

And then my poor Darby awakened and knocked on the bathroom door, asking, “Mom, can I come in?” That sweet little honey. No baby, no. You cannot come in.

Have you ever had food poisoning?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Busy Week

Posted by PicasaI know, I know. I’m a terrible blogger. Let’s move forward.

We had a busy and fun weekend! Aramie, Matt, and Kacy arrived on Friday night. It was the first time we’ve met Aramie’s new husband and it was great. He fit right in and feels like family already. For Frankie’s initiation, the brothers all got into bed with him to see how he’d handle it. I’ll never forget that moment, when I walked up the stairs (I was staying downstairs and Frank was staying in my room upstairs) when I walked up to the top step and peered into my bedroom. There was Frankie, sitting in my bed with a smile on his face, with Dustin on one side and Aaron on the other. For Matt’s initiation, he had to shake it. That is where you put 30 ping-pong balls in an empty Kleenex box and tie it onto your back. Then you have to shake and gyrate around until all the ping-pong balls fall out. It is hilarious and he handled it like a pro! He didn’t refuse or get all embarrassed or anything---he just did it and shook his way into our hearts :).

Brett and Corrine (my parents-in-law) also arrived on Friday for a cousin’s wedding. It is always so nice to get to spend time with them. On a side note, (and because only family who already knows the situation and the people involved look at this blog) the cousin was supposed to get married in the temple, but she and her fiancée ended up getting married civilly. I know we, in the church, are prone to raising and eyebrow at that sort of stuff and gossiping and blah blah blah. But I would like to point out how brave I think it is to admit a mistake and to take your lumps rather than go through the temple unworthily so that you don’t have to face embarrassment. It shows that those two really understand how important and sacred those covenants are and they fear God rather than man. I am so impressed by them and their decision to be honest and real. So many kids just keep their mouths shut about anything questionable, go to the temple anyway, and take it to the grave and I think it is despicable. Anyway, that’s that.

It was so fun to spend time with Brett and Corrine and Darby, of course, had the time of her life! She got to spend lots of fun time with grandparents and I know how much she loves to have them around. Corrine took lots of great pictures and those are the ones I’ve posted. It is spring break, so I didn’t have to go hide in my office and do any homework while we had company, so that was an added bonus. I mean, I probably wouldn’t have done that anyway (let’s be real), but it was nice not to feel guilty about it. Brett made our backyard look awesome and we’ve been spending more time out there! Frankie’s poor parents come down and work their fingers to the bone for us! We went to dinner and got to hear a few cool mission stories from Brett. I had to teach the Relief Society lesson at church with Corrine there, so that was nerve wracking! Frankie was definitely missing his family, so it was nice for him to fill that canteen a little.

The first couple of nights, Aramie and her family stayed here with us. Kacey and Darby got along so well! They slept in Darby’s bed together and I listened at the door a few times to find out if they were still awake, and they were and it was so sweet to hear them talking together until they fell asleep.

It was a really fun break and we’ll get Britney (Frankie’s sister) for a few days, starting tomorrow. I guess I’m not huge on updates, but that’s what this one was. Here are a few pictures and I’ll get back to my old ramblings soon enough.