Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bon Appetit!

This is not a meal that I made. Obviously.

I have been really interested in cooking lately. No. It is wrong to lie. Let me start over.
I have had to be more attentive to my cooking lately. As we all know, I have an on-again off-again relationship with my multiple sclerosis diet. As Nathan so appropriately put it, “The only thing worse than having MS is the MS diet.” Ain’t it the truth! But, it really is a great way to eat, health-wise. It is a total word of wisdom diet. Anyway, I have resigned myself to snacking on walnuts and yogurt, but my poor family is suffering. The adults are supportive, but Darby has yet to see the merit in healthy dinners. She says such darling things when dinner is placed before her. For example, “Mom, do you really want me to eat this?” and “Mom, that is disgusting.” She doesn’t even try the food before these utterances escape her lips and she still has to take 4 no-thank-you bites (great idea, Britney!). After she agonizes through those, she usually says, “That’s not so bad.” Of all the comments she has made regarding the dinners over which I have slaved, my favorite is the most recent. She sat down in her chair at the table and looked into her dinner bowl. “Is there diarrhea in this?”

It does a mother’s heart good to hear something like that.