Monday, May 24, 2010

The Princess and the Frog: A Critique

Darby was lucky enough to receive “The Princess and the Frog” from her Gran this last weekend. She was so, so excited and wants to watch it every waking hour. I didn’t really know anything about the movie except that it is Disney’s first black princess and that it supposedly is such a breakthrough movie. Have you seen it?

Well, I beg to differ when it comes to the movie breaking through stereotypes. I thought it was a black princess, but it is not. The main character, Tianna, is a lower-class girl working two jobs (for white people) to try and make a better life for herself. Yeah, what a break through. Then, she tries to buy a building, but is denied because she is black (I think; I wasn’t really paying tons of attention at that point because I was cooking dinner). Then, our black heroine is turned into a frog via voo doo black magic. Hmmmm. So, our black “princess” is actually a green frog for almost the entire film. She makes gumbo (Forest Gump, anyone?) and falls in love with her latino frog prince and the two of them dupe a few white bayou yokels and what I’m getting at is that I don’t really see a lot of breaking through. She doesn’t even become a princess until she marries the prince and then a Mammyish character says, “It’s gon’ be good!” Come on people. It is a really great movie and lots of fun to watch, all I’m saying is that it wasn’t the class-crossing event it claimed to be.

That said, Darby loves every bit of it and it is a cute movie with a really dark villain, so be sure to watch it before your small children have the chance. That way you’ll know when to fast-forward through the scary parts!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Thrill of the Fight

On the movie Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Colonel Glenn says, "A little competition is good for the soul!" I tend to disagree, at least when it comes to mother/daughter scrimmages at soccer practice.

Thursday was Darby’s last practice of the season, so we had a friendly little game between our beautiful, tiny daughters and their saggy, old mothers. During our warm-up, we were supposed to be kicking the ball back and forth with our daughters. That’s when one of the moms decided that she needed to shine. Apparently, this lady thinks she’s Mia Hamm. She wouldn’t kick the ball to her daughter; she was too busy doing fancy little soccer tricks which impressed us all, I’m sure. Finally, in exasperation, her 3 year old threw her arms to the side and said, “Mom, kick me the ball!” It was shaping up to be a very positive experience for our young breed. These psycho moms were out for blood.

So, the game began with the daughters at one end of the field and the mothers at the other. I was wearing a hat and looking down, Eye of the Tiger blasting in my mind. I was pumped.

Suddenly, my 80’s rock fantasy was shattered by a pink and tiny soccer ball which rolled up to my feet. The bill of my hat was blocking out everything else and instinct kicked in. I mean, I had just been mentally rocking out to the greatest pump-up song ever. I kicked the ball and looked up, only to see that my darling daughter was the one who kicked it in my direction. It was tragic and I spent the rest of the game holding Darby’s hand and dragging her to the ball. I even threatened another mom who kicked it away from her.

Darby did great; she scored a goal and everything. She got a trophy. She was cheered on by the crowd as I hoisted her onto my shoulders. None of that kept her from recanting the story to her daddy, saying that I “broke (her) heart” and that I “no love (her) no more.”

You guys, I can’t win for losing.

Have you ever crushed a small child’s dreams? It would make me feel so much better about myself.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Am Freaking Awesome

But you already knew that, didn't you? These are pictures of the little side table we found for five bucks at a yard sale. It was ugly, but I saw the potential. Much the same line of thinking Frankie had when he met me. Darby and I painted it and added knobs from Hobby Lobby (my new obsession). I lined the inside of the drawers with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.

Next, we found this flower and tin sign (which says "you are my sunshine") at Hobby Lobby (of course) and I just had to have them for Darby's room. They were both 50% off and I'm a cheapskate, so it was a match made in Hobby Lobby heaven.

And the crowning glory of Darby's room is her bed with the vinyl flowers my mom got at T.J. Maxx. Yeah, I could have made her bed, but that would have been a little pretentious, right?

So, not that you asked, but that is my little one's room. I try to make it beautiful for her and it is still a work in progress, but I'm liking it so far. Plus, her little garage sale table is so awesome!
What projects are on your plate?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Darbinator

Darby gets such a kick out of the webcam. She is just so freaking cute, I thought I'd share our last photo shoot. She was recently doing something crazy and I said, "Okay, Baby. No more of that; it scares Mommy." Darby came over to me and I kneeled down so that we were at eachother's eye level. She put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Alright. Close your eyes." And that, my friends, is classic Darby.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby Burlesque

This is a picture taken by my friend Jamie of Darby, Jamie's son Varis, and their friend Lindy (Alisha's daughter). So, the other day Darby and her friend Varis were playing in her room. They were looking through books together and it was so sweet to see them being little pals. The doorbell rang and I left the room to let in Varis’ mom, Jamie. She and I talked and laughed for a minute in the living room and then went to check on our little sweethearts who were playing so nicely together.

The door was closed.

Upon opening the door, Varis, who was on Darby’s bed, scrambled to get under the covers. He was shirtless. Darby was hiding behind the door. When she emerged, I found that she was wearing nothing but her chonies and Varis’ shirt!

I turned to Jamie and said, “This better be the last time I ever walk in on your half-naked son on my daughter’s bed and my daughter wearing nothing but chonies and his shirt!”

Of course it was nothing but innocent and we laughed so hard, but it was a little disconcerting, I’m not going to lie, because you know it was Darby’s idea.

What questionable things have you happened upon?