Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Conspiracy Theory 101

I am absolutely unhinged sometimes and I know it. A magnificent neurotic mess.

Now that you know (if you didn’t already), I’ll fill you in on one of my latest obsessions; the flu vaccination. Now, I always have Darby inoculated for the seasonal flu, but not the H1N1 virus. It’s too new and it was so shady to me the way it was pushed with scare tactics. Well, last year, not enough people got the H1N1 vaccine, so now it is just a component of the regular flu shot. So, what do I do? I think it is a freaky maneuver to force you to get both when you only want one or the other. I called Darby’s pediatrician’s office and they told me that a seasonal flu shot without the H1N1 component was not manufactured. Now I don’t know what is scarier; no vaccine or a two-fer vaccine, the second component of which is not something I want injected into my child. I’m all for modern medicine, but I also believe that there is something behind the push for inoculation. Now it is not just being pushed for the young and the elderly; it’s a push for universal vaccination. That is also weird. What do you think? I need some serious opinions here.

I’m this close to the brink of my sanity.

(p.s. as I was looking at cartoons for this post, I found freaky information about conspiracy theories that this is biological warfare, etc. Pretty freaky stuff. You should look it up a bit.)


  1. Ah don't bother.

    I got H1N1 last year because I was pregnant. I ended up getting it anyway within a few weeks and spread it to my whole family. It was no worse than the common cold (which admittedly, isn't fun). It's all hype. All of it.

    I'm always suspicious when choices are taken away. Stick it to the Man.

  2. so i, taylor, and bay got it last year because of henry arriving so close to flu season. we have never before gotten one and now wont get one again. i agree with you about the push, it's weird and worries me that they aren't telling you everything. so wipe noses, sanitize hands(and doorknobs), and they still will get sick, but better to know what your dealing with then something stuck in that you have no idea!

  3. As of yet we haven't had the flu vaccination. We've also been really lucky. I do think it's all hype and for a normal healthy child the flu is no big deal. So, I would say don't vaccinate, they're probably pumping us full of tiny microchips so that the government will know how much money we have and what kind of food we eat. Yikes! :)

  4. A). You are crazy
    B). I refuse to get vaccinated or to have my child vaccinated for illnesses that come & go naturally anyway.
    C). I do believe that our government is up to something shady. Always.
    D). You are crazy

  5. I debated getting the H1N1 last year when I was pregnant with Eden, but I just read too many things and psyched myself out. Montanna got a normal flu shot last year, but if the H1N1 is part of it, I won't be giving her that shot this year.

  6. I'm a nurse and I've never gotten the H1N1 or the flu vax ever... and I have never gotten either one. Yes I'm knocking on wood. I do believe in taking the recommendations of your doctor though. I would ask if his or her children are getting the vaccine!


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