Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Continued

making pie with Gran.

Darby dancing with her daddy

more dancing with Daddy

floor sliding. notice Brett and Frankie's hands working together to get the most distance possible!

don't you love this face?

these pictures belong with the last post. i'm not very good at this and i'm sort of rushing. so, read the last post because it belongs with these pictures. also, i forgot to tell you that for the 15 hour drive with a potty-trained child, we brought a potty-chair in the car and it was the most brilliant idea i ever had and it worked perfectly!


  1. She is so funny! Like a Tasmanian Devil with curly blonde hair and the cutest face ever. Are the striped pj's some that I sent, or did mom send her a pair too?

  2. almost everything Darby wears is a Kacey special. we prefer it that way.


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