Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wii The People

Over the weekend, we went to visit our dear friends Liz and Kris down near Tucson. They have 2 sons and another on the way and Darby has just as much fun we do. Kris and his family lived 2 doors down from my family all growing up and he was my brother Dustin’s best friend and one of mine, too. Liz was my roommate in the MTC, so we have a lot of history with this great family. Anyway, our friends introduced us to their Wii while we were there. I hate video games. I’m terrible at them and have no sort of coordination at all. That said, I love the Wii! It was so much fun! And I even beat Frankie at a game or two. We were so into it that I was sore for like, 2 days after! Anyway, it was way fun and I know everyone else has played it before, but I hadn’t. The last video game I played was at their house, but it was Call of Duty and I couldn’t get my little guy out of the corner and I just screamed the whole time. Before that, it was regular Super Mario Brothers. And I’ve never passed level 3.

Other than that, I thought you could use a recap of our Thanksgiving. I cooked a 6 pound turkey breast at 450 degrees for 3 and ½ hours. Yeah, I didn’t realize until the last 30 minutes that I should have turned the heat down about 100 degrees and cooked it for about an hour and a half less. But, I still didn’t turn it down or take it out! I just decided to see what happened. The top was charred black, of course, but luckily I placed it breast down in broth, so the turkey turned out awesome! It was looking pretty dismal at first, but it turned out great. Darby ate a nutrigrain bar and called it a day. I guess she’s not a fan of gourmet cooking.

A really great guy from our mission died over the holiday. I don’t want to touch on that too much, I just feel really sad, especially for his wife. Please pray for the Jones family.

For FHE last night, we put up our tree and lights. I have all my nativity scenes set up and I love it. We listened to the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas album, which I love, and then we drank hot chocolate with candy canes for stirring. I love to spend time as a family.

How was your holiday?


  1. For FHE last night I yelled at Kacey to do her homework, then we watched The Prisoner of Azkiban. So spiritual.
    Turkey is not my thing. I would rather have a chicken or a pork roast. Maybe some tacos. Shredded pork tacos! There it is.
    I have never played the Wii. My friend Courtney dislocated her shoulder doing Wii bowling.
    I'm tired. I hate writing papers and doing projects. I just want to go to AZ and hide in Darby's closet.

  2. hey, what a coincidence; that's my favorite hiding place, too! there's enough room for you. we could sit in there together eating shredded pork tacos.

  3. It sounds like you made it a wonderful Holiday for you and your family. No more nurtigrain bars for Darby, tell her Gran says she can only eat dinner. I have never played the Wii. I have heard the Wii fit is pretty fun. I do love Alvin and the Chipmunks. " Me I want a hula hoop..." I love your tradition of Nativity Scenes as well. Did you do the line dance from last year yet? Darby really liked that. We miss you!


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