Monday, December 28, 2009


time of Darby's life!

she loves the snow.

Frankie and Pa making a couch for Darby.

Darby, Montanna, and Auntie Britney

little happy cousins

Alright, I’ll start with the business and then we’ll get to the fun stuff. It has become imperative that I get back on my meds, so Frankie and I are no longer trying to get pregnant. This isn’t a pity plea; I only mention it because a lot of you were praying for us and we are really grateful to you and thankful for that. It just seems that it isn’t the time, so it’s nothing to be sad about; our Heavenly Father is aware of us and that’s it.

We had a great Christmas! Darby opened her presents from us the Saturday before Christmas. She got a ton of stuff, including a Hello Kitty big-girl bike. She calls it her "Hello Beauty Cat Bike." She took off on it and I had to run to keep up with her! Then we took off that afternoon for Colorado. We arrived at Brett and Corrine’s on Sunday evening and spent the next week just enjoying our family. We got to see Adam, Lindsey, and Montanna for a few days before they left for Utah, and that was so fun. We’ve missed them since they moved away. Darby had a blast playing with Montanna and Britney especially! She is so loved and entertained by our family. Frankie and Brett had her lay on her stomach on the wood floors and they pushed her so she slid on her belly across the room. She loved that! She got to watch the Tinkerbelle movie and I got to watch Star Trek. Frankie and Brett built Darby a little couch and it turned out so great! I helped make pie crust, believe it or not. Darby had so much fun playing in the snow. She had the best day of her young life when we took a walk and a neighbor let Darby pet and feed her horses. We had such a nice time and really hated to leave.

Some people really have trouble with their in-laws. I am so lucky and thankful for mine. Frankie has a really great family and I am so glad to be a part of it; I love them and consider them my own. I don't know how i got so lucky to come from a great family and marry into one (for a rare picture of my whole Judd family, see Aramie's blog

How was your holiday?


  1. Me either. In case you were wondering. Wasn't meant to happen for me either.

    Anyway, I'm happy you had such a great holiday. And that the Darbs got to play with horses. Now she's going to be asking for one! Let me know how that goes.

  2. Still praying for you! Hey, those little couches are so dang fun. The one at Brett's and Corrine's gets lots of use. And, I am glad you guys already watched the movies!! Cool.


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