Wednesday, December 9, 2009


In a desperate attempt to forget about Dustin and Jessica's volatile attitude towards A Christmas Story, I’ve been wondering about something. Sure, I could look it up online, but what with all the school-work I have to do, I am intensely averse to researching anything of my own free will and accord. So, here is my question: From where do fruit flies come? I mean, are their little babies living in my fruit and if I don’t EAT them right away, they then have time to hatch? Are they birthed right out of my banana? That is filthy.

Without researching it, what is your theory?


  1. I'm not ruling out spontaneous generation. I have had many a post about this topic.

    I recently conquered the fruit flies by keeping my tomatoes in my fridge.

  2. Remeber when you were eating that banana in Rio and a cockroach crawled up the back of it up to the top where you had just taken a bite and started looking at you?

    I wasn't there, but I like to remember that story. It makes me dry heave and laugh at the same time.

    I don't want to think about bugs in my food. You know why. That damn broccoli incident will never be forgotten.

  3. Ok, I want to hear about the broccoli incident.

    I have no comment about fruit flies except I believe them to be a government, I don't really. Nate and I just don't keep fruit in the house.

  4. I know you don't want to hear this Hill, but it is my understanding that they do lay there eggs in the fruit. Apparently that doesn't bother me enough to stop eating it. It would take a lot to keep me from eating something if I was really determined to do it!

  5. Oh, I meant "their" not "there"

  6. i love that you corrected that! i thought you might be slipping. i did research it and found that they flies lay their little nasties once fruit has started fermenting, so eat your fruit before it totally ripens, people! i learned that and the freaky truth that vacuum toilets CAN pull out your innards if you seal the bowl (which my ample tush can certainly do). sick and really disturbing. i learned that on a really funny website called "the straight dope." the subtitle is "fighting ignorance since 1973 (it's taking longer than we thought)." i love that.


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