Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Respectful Declination

So, today Darby asked me if I wanted to smell her giney. Yeah, you read that right. We tease her that her armpits and feet stink and she laughs when we act like she’s stinky (which she rarely is, by the way). So, today while she was in the bath, she asked me if I wanted to smell her feet and I pretended they were stinky and we had a good laugh. Then she asked if I wanted to smell her giney, and it got a little awkward. I mean, how do you respond to that? I’m just teasing; it didn’t get awkward and it was actually hilarious. I declined, by the way, just in case you were wondering. So which one of you sickos taught that to my baby?!

What is the weirdest thing a small child has asked you?


  1. When I went to Mexico after my senior year of high school (don't get too jealous. I went to CLASS for 2 weeks. Yeah, That's the kind of nerd I was) there was a husband and wife and their little boy that took classes at the same school. And the boy was oddly attached to me. He would stroke my hair and only wanted to talk to me.

    Then one day he was in the middle of a long rambling story about the Civil war (this kid was like 6! Why the heck was he rambling about the Civil War? But I digress) so he's going on and on and it sounds like one of those dream re-tellings ". . .and then General Grant was there, and he had a bayonnet, and then the grey coats came, but they had cannons. . ." And all of a sudden out of the blue he stops and says, "May I sit on your lap?"

    His mom was sitting right there, and so I allowed it. He continued to stroke my arms/hair and tell me about the Civil War. AWWWWWKWAAARRDDDD!!

    So that's the weirdest thing a child as asked me.

    You want the end of the story? After he climbs down, his mom turns to me and says, "he's so weird like that. He finds the woman with the biggest boobs and immediately latches on to her."

    Let's just say I was uncomfortably self-concious from that moment on, and I kept all other 6-year boys whose parent were attending the same Mexican language school as me off my lap for the duration.

    I'll trust you to do the same.

  2. Your kid is a perv =)
    Lots of little kids have said lots of weird things to me. The weirdest of all is Kacey's friend Katelyn. She always wants me to watch the weird dance routines she makes up and then she beat-boxes her own sound effects while doing them.


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