Monday, December 14, 2009

Devil Wears Steve Madden

While attempting to organize our bedroom, Frankie and I had a disagreement. Imagine that. He said that if we get the dressers that I want, we won’t need to eventually add on a walk-in closet (you know, when we suddenly become rich). I said that we needed a walk-in closet for the storage of my shoes. He then blasphemously suggested that I get rid of some of my shoes. I’m so sure. He then asked if I thought I had too many shoes to which I replied that I obviously don’t think so. He said, “I’m going to take a poll. I’m going to take a poll at church next Sunday and see how many pairs of shoes each woman has and I guarantee that you have more than all of them.” I said, “But you can’t poll certain people, like Alisha. She’s far too sensible to buy tons of shoes!” It’s true; she always looks perfect, but is such a sensible shopper. So is my sis Haley. And my sis Jessica, for that matter. I hope to be more like them someday. Anyway, so I need each of you to go to your closet right now and count your shoes. Please have more than or near 65 pairs. That would be helpful to me (and awesome for you!). I am particularly interested in Aramie’s count; she’s definitely going to be on my side. That’s what sisters are for. And Bing; I already know how you feel about this. Don't judge me!

What are you waiting for? Go count your shoes!


  1. Sheer jealousy!! My size 11 (size 12 in some brands now, post pregnancy) doesn't fit into ANYTHING. I would love to wear cute shoes and have 65, 85, 105 pairs of them. But I'm lucky to find one pair a year. And usually that happens when the other shoes are beyond salvaging. So I get a pair, but then immediately throw the other pair away.
    So if you include my generic Walmart Crocks I bought with Judd when I was 8 months pregnant (which the strap of the left shoe is broken) then I have 3 pairs of shoes: Crocks, Running shoes and 1 pair of church shoes.

    Ok!! That's pathetic! Marcelo has more shoes than that (He has between 7-10 pairs). It turns out I need shoes for Christmas!! I should put that on my list.

  2. Oh, and because I'm taller than my husband, I avoid heels at all costs. So try finding cute winter church shoes without a heel. It's a nightmare.

    Now that I talk about it, I realize that I HATE shoes.

  3. Sorry Hil. I only counted 20. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't like more! Maybe you can compromise like, you get the dressers you want and a walk in closet and he can still sleep in the house! :) Good Luck.

  4. That is too funny! I counted my shoes and I have 33 pairs but to your defense a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes. I am always adding to my collection so I may be up there with you on of these day. I have my eye on a pair of black and pink Nike's.

  5. I swear this will be the last comment on this post.

    My baby has 6 pairs of shoes. Double what I have.

    Also, I *CAN* find shoes in my size, but they are usually #1: Online and #2: EXPENSIVE.

    The first part is a problem because I can't try them on and find out which ones are really the best. I can't compare two different shoes, or walk around the store in them. I have to plunk down the money and pay for shipping before I get to walk around in them.

    And the second part is a problem, becuase, well, I'm broke. And when you can't pay your rent, it's not wise to go buy $115 shoes online.

    The point of all my rants? I'm jealous of people with small feet, and whose husbands have jobs. I totally wish I was one of those girls with a massive shoe collection. I think I would like that. But it just won't happen for me in this lifetime.

  6. coming from the loser that I am...I probably have less than 20 and most of which I would probably throw out if I ever took them out of the rubbermaid container they were in. I really only wear like 5 pairs of shoes. That number is including my sneakers and flip flops. Sorry Hil. I do feel that I have a love for shoes when I am at the store, but 1, I can't justify spending what they usually cost, and 2, I have to idea how to dress to fit the different shoes that I have. I have one style....frumpy/casual! There you go. So I guess I am on your side?!?! Because if I had style and lots of shoes, I would want to keep them. Yea, that's it! Your side!

  7. I'm so on your side..although I only have a measly 17 pair I would so have more if I didn't live in this state and I could have boots(and not just flip flops) I would at least have 17 pairs of boots too!! I did before I came here..and I would probably have more if I hadn't been prego this last year but when this baby comes out I'm hoping all my shoes still fit and I can go get MORE!! Tell Frankie to suck it up..a women needs her closet!

  8. As much as I'd like more shoes, the "I don't really need those shoes" monster inside me always comes out when I see a pair of cute shoes. After carefully counting my shoes and then counting them again I came up with the following:
    Dress boots: 1
    Heels: 2
    Casual: 2
    FlipFlops: 1
    Cowboy Boots: 3 (You can never have enough cowboy boots...I'm trying to convince Nate of this well known fact).

    And you tell Frankie at least you're a shoe junkie and not a crack-whore. He'd have a lot to complain about if you were a crack-whore.

  9. Hill - I’m on Frankie's side. You need to get rid of some of those cumbersome shoes. I am officially volunteering to help you out!! I can haul them away for you, and you'll never have to see them again...except when I were them to church...or anywhere else. I think im a moderate shoe owner
    -3 boots
    -1 running shoes
    -2 flats
    -2 heels
    -2 wedges
    -1 flip flops
    -1 pink pair of dollar-spot @ Target jellies for sentimental (I loved and wanted jellies when I was like 7, and got my sisters stinky, worn out hand-me-down pair that I still wore EVERYDAY till they disintegrated)


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