Sunday, October 18, 2009


hang in there, people desperate for diversion. i'm in the process of moving. it's so nice to have my Dad here with us, even though i'm making him work like a slave. Darby is sure loving having Pappy around and so are Frankie and i. so, when things calm down, i'll be back (that might be a threat).


  1. I miss you!! Your phone isn't connected!! I want to tell you how much I love you! I want to know if Darbs has impaled herself on that cactus yet.

    Oh, and I want to tell you about how my kid now LIFTS ONE LEG when she's taking a poop. Yup, she stands up, lifts one leg, bares down and goes for it.

    That's the sort of thing you miss when you don't hook up your phone. Now, don't you want to hook it up immediately? I THOUGHT SO!!

  2. I miss dad. Send him back now!


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