Thursday, October 29, 2009

Circle K Feet

Though that is NOT a picture of my feet, I find that with all the tile in my very own house, I just can’t keep the floors clean enough. No matter what I do, I always end up with Circle K feet (I totally stole that phrase from my dear friend Jamie, who is hilarious). I love my new house, despite my white-trash feet, and want to keep it clean. I’m not off to a very good start!

What are your favorite cleaning secrets?


  1. Circle K feet!! I think that is a perfect description and so nasty at the same time. I think I grew up with Circle K feet.

    I like a good old fashioned razor blade. That and nail polish remover will take off almost any sticky substance.

    As for floors, I have nothing to say. Except invest in some socks. And Thirst Busters

  2. throw cheese on the floor. seems to work


  3. Just embrace Circle K feet, don't try to fight them. Set free the trailer trash inside!

  4. We call it "Jiffy Feet" down here. But both GRAND~girls have Croc feet. I am forever washing feet and shoes!

  5. My best cleaning secret is a secret, and we're not supposed to reveal secrets. That's why I never do. I never clean, and I never reveal my best cleaning secret, notneven to myself. That's how good I am.


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