Monday, October 26, 2009


We were called as Nursery Leaders at church. Probably because I don’t see small children enough during the week. Anyway, I pulled out a pack of play-doh and let the kids pick their own colors. The boys picked greens, the girls picked pinks, and Darby, of course, picked black. That’s right; black. Should I be worried?

What’s something weird that you did as a child or that your child has done?


  1. Amy used to call water "goydy goydy goydy"!

  2. Thanks, Jess! I laugh every time I remember that!
    Kacey also loves dark things. Her favorite show in the world is Ghost Hunters, and she loves anything dealing with ghosts or vampires. She is going to be a vampire princess for Halloween, and asked me to paint a drop of blood coming out of her mouth! She is going to be Dungeons & Dragons national champion someday. She'll go on to compete at the world games in Tokyo, and I will be the only parent there who is wearing color and doesn't have tattoos and piercings. Then, when she wins the title I will burst into tears and cover my face in shame while they show me on the big screen, and the announcer will say that this has to be one of the proudest moments of my life. I will get on my cell phone and they will say that I am calling Kacey's dad to share the proud moment over the phone, but really I am on the phone with the Anasazi Foundation scheduling a "tough love" wilderness retreat for her.

  3. Jacob used to say "I wanna wink a mommy" which was "I want a DRINK of mommy" She stopped nursing him when he was 2. Very reluctanly.

    And I'm so excited about your calling!! We can talk about the crazy things that our kids did in nursery on sunday. For example, a child cried when his mom left, and I had her permission to let him "cry it out" so we did for about 20 min. I'm all but immune to the sound of kids doing that "I'm not getting what I want" cry. It has no effect on me at all.

    The parents came back and thanked us over and over again for putting up with it until he stopped. WHICH HE DID AND WAS FINE!!

    You are going to be a good leader.

  4. When did this happen! I need to talk to you guys more often!!! I hope you have a good bunch of kids. Britney is in there right now and Montanna has been going into nursery a little bit early. Adam just got called as a Primary teacher and I am now the Primary Chorister. It should be fun. I hope you guys are liking your new house. I'll call you next week after Brett and Corrine leave and see how you guys are doing. Britney and I were just talking about how we would rather unpack a house than pack a house. I'll bet you are feeling the same way. It is such a chore!

  5. Hillary, I just have to say, I LOVE your blog!! and yes, I am the blog stalker from Dallas, just in case you have site meter & was wondering who the heck in Dallas was reading your blog. I am addicted!


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