Sunday, October 4, 2009

Great Men

So, I love Elder Holland. He’s like, the Lord’s bouncer. "Don’t believe it, you schmuck? You’re out of here!" I loved his testimony of the Book of Mormon today. When he said that attempts to discredit the scripture were “frankly pathetic” I just wanted to cheer and cry out “hallelujah, praise the Lord!” He speaks so honestly and plainly and while I’d be terrified to meet him face to face, I am always impressed and emboldened by his words. What a great conference.

Also, today is my darling Frankie’s birthday. He is the most amazing person ever. I rank him with my own dad, and that is a pretty hallowed place that very few have ever reached. I am so thankful that he is my husband. Frankie is the most intelligent, hard working, and good man there is. He’s not too shabby of a kisser, either! I won’t extol him too much here as there are no words sufficient to describe him. I just love him and am thankful he was born.

What was your favorite part of conference?


  1. I loved Elder Holland's talk too. I especially liked Elder Bednar's, during the 1st session. How public pronouncements of love and affection are meaningless without showing your family how much you love them every day.

    Happy Birthday Frankie!

  2. Happy Birthday, Frank! I enjoyed the ITY virtue talk. I also loved the advice given by Pres. Eyring. I still haven't heard Saturday's sessions . . . I was out of town and recorded them.

  3. Elder Holland was by far my favorite. My heart was pounding the whole time he spoke. I completely agree that I would never want to meet him, he'd look into my soul and know all my sins.
    Tell Frank "Happy Birthday" and that we are glad he's part of the family. You did well in marrying that guy!

  4. I love Frank too. Happy Birthday!
    I also love Elder Holland. I remember seeing a portion of a talk he gave once when I was on my mission. He was shouting and literally pounding the pulpit. It was awesome and I remember feeling the spirit very strong at that moment.
    I also love Elder Oaks. Ever since he gave a talk at our Stake Conference and told a story about staying with a stake president's family & the kids told him that they had head lice. I guess it doesn't take much to win my affection....


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