Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Monkey Breath

Do you ever catch the tail-end of a conversation or commercial or some form of communication and get the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard? That happened to me this morning. What I actually heard on the t.v. was this: “Now THERE’S a ship that couldn’t be sunk by monkey breath.” Come again? Is there a ship that COULD be sunk by monkey breath? And why do we allow this monkey to live? It seems pretty dangerous to me.

What’s something weird that you have heard out of context?


  1. I think Nate would tell you that my morning breath could possibly sink a ship. I almost killed him early this morning. I'm kind of like Cyclops from X-Men, I can't control my breath.
    What was the question you asked...?

  2. I am so excited to see that you have a blog now. I don't know how I missed that you fianlly started one but now I know, yah!

  3. I think the strangest thing anyone has ever said to me was at a singles dance. A paraplegic in a wheelchair rolled over to me and in a very hostile tone blurted out "I can dance you know!"
    We've all heard the story.
    Kacey's breathe is the nastiest EVER in the morning. Even dad said something to me about it! She does brush her teeth every morning, just so you know...
    Is it wierd that I have absolutely no recollection of reading OR responding to your post about getting the house? Where the hell am I? I feel like my brain lives independent of my body. It has its own apartment, drives a Ford Focus hatchback, calls when it needs money.....

  4. Funny Aramie, Kacey was saying the same thing to me about yours. She actually told me that your breath called the other day and it wants it disgusting, populations clearing stench back. My breath always smells good. Can't wait to show you the next time I see you. Luv you,


    And I want to meet Aramie's hostile paraplegic. I think that we should hook him up with that rancid-breath monkey. Maybe they can help each other out sometime.

    And my baby used to have breast-milk breath when she was a teeny tiny baby. And I loved it, because it meant I could feed my baby. But then I had to use a rag on those gums. Because YEAACCH!!

  6. OHH!!! I just heard one!! It was a promo for a news channel and they said, ". . . bear on ice skates mauls and kills his trainer".

    Who puts a bear on ice skates? That trainer got what he deserved.

    At least it's no death monkey-breath going on.


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