Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So Pretty When I'm Angry

I’ve been known to get in people’s faces. Since I’ve become a mother, it’s mostly toddler faces. And not my own toddler. For example, today I took Darby to the park for a playgroup activity. She was about to get on a seahorse thing when some monster baby Huey boy grabbed her and pushed her off of it. I imagine that smoke was blowing out of my ears as I hot-footed it over there saying, “Oh, NO!” to rip that kids head off. I ended up just getting in this random 3 year old’s face and saying, “DO NOT PUSH MY DAUGHTER!” through ground teeth. His mom came over and I was ready to go toe to toe with that ill-mannered heathen. But, it was unnecessary as she just got him in trouble and made him go home. Am I a meany? Nope. He got what was coming to him. That’s not the first time I’ve unleashed the mama bear inside me. After a neighbor (and member of the ward) child, again 3 years old, pushed Darby down, I was in that kid’s face, literally yelling and spewing venom. I yelled until she shook her head no, please don’t tell my mom, and then I asked myself, what am I doing? I’m almost 30 years old yelling at a 3 year old! But, I still didn’t feel bad. I’m sure this will eventually get me into real trouble, but I’m okay with that. If parents aren’t going to teach their kids manners, then I’ll do it for them. And I know that my child isn’t the best mannered in the world, however, I watch her closely enough around strangers so that they never have a reason to get in her face, which would in turn give me reason to get into theirs.

Have you ever yelled at a child who wasn’t your own?


  1. Oh yes, my favorite was when I made one girl cry when she came over to our house and she was sassing me.

  2. That picture is really scary. In fact I feel like I need to apologize for pushing Darby even though I haven't seen her in months. "I'm sorry, Darby. Please tell your momma not to hurt me."

  3. Now that is the serene, tranquil face I have come to know and love.
    Why is it that I suddenly forget everything once you ask a question on your blog? Yesterday I probably could have named 12 kids that I yelled at for being mean to Kacey & now that you asked- I got nothing. While I have never yelled at her per say, I have given Katelyn a piece of my mind a time or two.
    I KNEW this would be the background you would choose! It's awesome. The gnome appears to have a frog in his right hand and judging by the contemplative expression on his face, I think he's going to eat it! David the friendly gnome definitely would NOT have approved.

  4. Oh yes, I get after other people's kids all the time. "That's not how we treat friends." Even if I don't know the kid. I also tattle to their parents. " So and so pushed Trey so I put him in a time out." Or I'll ask them to play on some different toy because one of my boys were there first. I say it's either protect someone else's feelings or protect your kids! The weirdest part is, I am the biggest pushover ever, but not when it involves my little loves.

  5. Hill, look closely at your teeth in the picture. You have something green in your teeth or maybe a piece of corn or pepper. Use dental floss woman!!!...................................Just kidding. Luv u,


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