Friday, September 4, 2009


If you have kids, do you ever look at your child/ren and think, “Man, I make a beautiful baby!” Well, if you’ve ever met MY child, then probably not. Nobody could ever look at my child and then at theirs and still think theirs is cute. It’s like the time I saw Leo DiCaprio (back when he was attractive to my 16 year old, 17 Magazine-washed mind ) in Romeo and Juliet. I saw it with my unfortunate boyfriend. I looked at him half-way through the movie and thought, “Ewww.” Aramie might argue that I could have looked at him and thought that BEFORE I saw the movie, but that’s a story for another time. Besides, she kissed him before I ever did, so she’s not free and clear, either. Yeah, we’re classy like that. So, you’re kids are probably actually super cute, especially my nieces, Kacey and Montanna, and the MOBB kids are all really, really cute. Okay, so you’re kids ARE cute. Anyway, my child is so beautiful, sometimes I just marvel that she belongs to me. I think most of the time that she must be possessed by evil spirits to act the way she does, but I wouldn’t change any bit of her. I’ll fill you in on her shenanigans in recurring posts called “The Adventures of Darby Danae,” which e-mails some of you already receive. I haven’t posted pictures of her yet because a lot of things are still boxed away in the garage, including the camera battery charger. So, Corrine was sweet enough to send me a disc of all the pictures she took around Darby’s birthday, so I’m depending on those for now. I’ll post a few so you can admire what Frankie and I made! Yeah, she’s 3 and an only child so far, but it’s like, we already made the perfect child, why press our luck?

Darby LOVES to swim. She would swim from sun-up to sun-down and beyond.

She was ready to eat her birthday cake. This is Darby issuing a threat.

Opening presents.

Look at this beautiful baby! Her precious outfit was a gift from Nanny.

Brag to me about your kids. They aren’t that cute, right?


  1. Yea! Darby is beautiful, adorable, and completely hilarious! I love her threat picture. I am glad you think that Montanna is equally adorable. Maybe you don't REALLY think so, but at least you wrote it down for me! :)Keep up the pictures and I'll look forward to more Adventures of Darby Danae!

  2. Sweet Darby! Happy birthday to her. You may have the most beautiful little girl BUT, I have the sweetest most handsome little boys! Haha. And yes, like your sweet Darby, when the boys are naughty that is when they are most adorable. What's that saying about bad boys?

  3. I'm just glad my child is moderately cute. I thought she would be a troll doll, so any kind of cuteness on her is a real blessing.

    As for your child, she's an evil genius, gorgeous and breathtaking. I only have one picture of her, though and she's giving me the finger. . .the pointer finger, that is.

    We all should be so lucky to look upon your child. No one can make one like her, though. so we should all just give up trying now.

    (Funny story, though, Last night I dreamt that I didn't have any money, so I decided I should have another baby. Please explain the logic of that one to me)

  4. Well, I totally get where you're coming from. Darby is a doll, and don't forget what I told you I was feeling guilty about in regards to her! *wink wink* It's a good thing that my kids have 4 legs and fur because otherwise I think we would have to throw down. ;o) I know that no one else on earth has dogs that are as gorgeous as mine. I'm afraid when we get another one if I will look upon it like it's the red headed step child! Oh well, I'll cross that bridge when we get to it!

  5. also, i think you should post the picture of Darby and Kacey from when you guys were out here. That one is so awesome!

  6. I love that little girl, and will be looking forward to Darby's Adventures, hopefully they will take her to Colorado! I have some really cute pictures of her that I will have to send your way.

  7. Why don't we just keep bragging about Darby....oh, darby is so cute, oh, I agree, she is soooo beautiful. You guys make me sick. Lets say some things that will really get hillary pissed off! Unfortunateluy, my two nieces (I do have a third, but not judd blood) are two of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen. Good job Hil and Ramie.

  8. Well you won't get any arguments from her Gran that Darby is Darling! Yes you really need to find that battery charger because I miss her! Watch out for scorpions going through those boxes...

  9. For the record- I didn't want to kiss your unfortunate looking ex-boyfriend, but he did buy me dinner & then actually got up the nerve to ask for a kiss. It was merely a peck, and then I practically threw him from the car as I sped off! I recognized the enormity of his unfortunate appearance all along. It was his sparkling personality that made it tolerable.
    And yes, Darby is a little doll. Her little voice and dramatic facial expressions are some of the things I love most.
    My daughter is the cutest though. Sorry.

  10. hey Aramie. you were the one driving on your ill-fated date? nice. and don't lie; i totally remember you coming home and swooning over that kiss! just kidding---you saw him for what he really was (which we'll leave to the imagination in the spirit of anonymity).

  11. I will need to meet the Darbster one day soon. I have a feeling she would get along swimmingly with my girls! I also wonder if my kids are the most beautiful creatures wandering the planet. I guess we won't know the truth until we see which of our kids wins the Miss America Pageant in 20 years. IT'S ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I have to admit that you have a cute kid, but I have never seen anything so beautiful than my two boys. They are minature Bretts! Every part of their bodies are so perfect and there are two of them two enjoy. I don't think anybody can top that!


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