Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't Sweat It

I have always been averse to people wearing sweatpants in public. I don’t care about the cute or stylish kind, just the kind with elastic at the ankles. You know, with the coordinating sweatshirt? I have no problem with sweatshirts, and the pants don’t have to be coupled with the shirt to trigger my aversion. Just those creepy, loose, thick, shapeless pants that reach a fever-pitch right there at the ankle. I shudder at the thought. I mean, what shoes could possibly look good against that background? And that’s how I knew I loved Frankie. I saw him wearing sweatpants, in public, and I still wanted to be his wife. That’s a pretty powerful spell he has over me, right? Of course, there are no sweatpants in our home NOW, for the record, but I even thought he looked cute in them then. Cute! Frankie aside, I have an insurmountable aversion to sweatpants in public, so don’t let me catch you promoting that faux pas.

What are your fashion (or crimes against fashion) pet peeves?


  1. Is that a picture of Dustin? I remember Nate telling me the same thing (actually, now that I think about it, I haven't seen my favorite old pair of oversized sweat pants for almost 4 years...)about the fashion suicide that sweat pants create. Then the first time I met Dustin he ran to me and gave me a big sweat pants bear hug. Nate said the fashion rule doesn't apply to Dustin. He never told me why though.

    My two biggest fashion pet peeves are skinny jeans and people wearing jeans tucked into their cowboy boots.

  2. Haley, no fashion rules apply to Dustin. I'm not sure why; it's just a law of nature. Dustin looks cool no matter what he does. this is Hillary, by the way, i'm just too lazy to sign in. i also like working under the mystery of anonymity.

  3. Oh yes, I agree. Dustin has NO RULES. And I've known about Judd's "ankle sweat pants" rule for a while now. We had a long talk about it one day when I'm sure we should've been doing companionship study. "I will now read. . .this pen"

    Fashion mess ups: boys in skinny pants and eyeliner. Girls who think that the 80's day glow wear is coming back. That hippie/native American headband thing people are doing that leaves a line right across your forehead when you pull it off. Ohhh, I could go on and on. People that wear PJ's outside the house (I'm sooooo guilty of this. But just so you know, when I do it, I feel shameful. I don't hold my head high at all!) What about the shaggy haircuts that boys have? Were they have to shake it out of their eyes before they pass you the sacrament? I'm vomiting a little just typing that.

    Honestly, I could go on and on

  4. I second that. Also, I think because Dustin could care less what someone else thinks, so they just know not to take the energy to criticize him. It is interesting to me though that it really is true he looks cool NO MATTER what he wears. I was talking to someone at work and they were saying that the whole tall socks with shorts thing drives them crazy, and I said "Well, Dustin does that and he can pull it off, he looks good!" They said they didn't believe it and I said "You don't know Dustin!" I'm glad my husband is so cool, and doesn't have to abide by fashion rules. This way he makes up for the many infractions that I make!

  5. You know that I am not the most fashionable person around, but I hate socks paired with sandals. And... I am with you on the sweat pants. I hate the bunched up elastic at the bottom.

  6. the WORST is when they wear the sweat pants AND they are a little too tight in places that shouldn't be...if you know what I mean. NASTOLA!! I TOO can't stand the hair in face for the boys. Or anything that looks Polygamist. David told me my shoes did the other day. I hate those shoes now. HA!

  7. Hillary, do you remember when we moved to NY and I set a huge fashion trend at Peru by wearing different colored socks and shoes??? Well, I look back on that now, and that was gay as HELL!! Sweat pants ARE cool!

  8. I hate the come-back of colored jeans. Remember your green Levi's?
    Have you ever told Frank that those track pants he used to wear were mine? That still makes me laugh!

  9. You know what is even more awesome? When the sweat pants used to be black, but now they are that nasty faded blackish/gray color. And they are elastic on the bottoms, but they've been washed so many times that they are just a little bit too short. Sort of like elastic sweatpant capris.
    and isn't it true of every pair of said pants that there will be a hole somewhere horrid? Like right in the crotch, or in the butt? Oh and I forgot, POCKETS!!! They must have padded pockets that balance out the muffin top.
    Wait, those pants aren't cool anymore? I should change...


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