Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What the...?

Sometimes I look behind my couch and feel compelled to ask, “Who put that cheese back there, and how long ago?”

What’s the most disturbing thing you’ve ever found in or around your furniture?


  1. Sometimes I look in my child's diaper and I say, "HOLY CRAP! When did she eat that?"

    That's the same kind of thing, right?

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  3. What is it with the Judd's and their obsession with cheese? I guess it's the genes going back to the first cheese making factory in Arizona. Am I right?

    I once helped a girl pack to move and I had to crawl under her bed, I then proceeded to pull out pair after pair of her nasty undies. That was the last time I helped anyone.

  4. This morning I pulled Lincoln's crib away from the wall...looking for his precious binki. What I found was both horrifying and un-surprising. An old bottle with completely solidified rank milk!! Its not rare that either Jim or I will plug a bottle in our little boogers mouth if he’s up before we are coherent. With my finings in hand I then proceeded straight outside to the trash, this bottle was beyond saving. In retrospect I will take a raunchy bottle every now and then if it means 45 more minute of sleep in the morning :)Are you with me germ-a-phobe???

  5. Have you already forgotten what my mom used to find beside my bed as a kid?


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