Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sugar Bugs

Today Darby had her very first dentist appointment. I worked in a pediatric dental office for about 2 ½ years before Darby was born and I knew that the ADA (American Dental Association) suggests that children begin their dental exams at age 3. I was dreading the day because I know what a wild-cat my child is and the things I’ve done wrong in regards to her oral health and I just didn’t want to put her through it. Well, at the beginning of the week, I started noticing that one of Darby’s front teeth looked slightly discolored. You know me and so you know my mind was everywhere and I was sick with worry. I remembered that 3 year olds hardly ever even sat still for a full exam and if they needed treatment, they’d always have to be sedated; usually they’d have to be put under general anesthesia. I was so stressed. So, today I took her into the office where I worked. It started with some little shit (yeah, I said it) biting her arm in the waiting room. We didn’t see it go down, but her arm was wet and she was ticked. Anyway, I requested my favorite dentist and it worked out that my favorite assistant assisted as well. We got my dental dream team! She did a fabulous job with taking the x-rays, which is rare for a 3 year old, and she did such a great job with the dentist doing her exam. He was even able to do a cleaning for her. She was awesome! I am so proud of her. She didn’t throw a fit or even act afraid. She has no sugar bugs (cavities), by the way, which was such a relief. Way to go, Darby!

What experiences have you had with your kids (or self) in the dentist’s office (Aramie, you have to tell about what Kacey said after her first exam)?


  1. I took Bibi to the dentist last week. They took pictures of her teeth and she was so nice. The Dr that did her exam was so nice and was properly sympathetic to the huge black/blue balls that ARE her gums.

    So you never said why her tooth was a different color. Or was that just your over-active imagination?

    HURRY UP WITH YOUR STORY, ARAMIE!! I love Kacey stories. She's freaking hilarious.

  2. I think Darby will constantly amaze you, my dear.
    For a dental story...Aramie killed her top two front teeth when she was little by trying to jump over the back of a chair and yes her feet caught and down she went front teeth first.When her new teeth started coming in the dentist decided the old ones should be pulled and so they were without any novacaine. She would rather have the pain than a shot.

  3. Darby has no fear. She would probably kill a monster under her bed with her bear hands..but if it didn't die, she'd put a collar on it and call him Bear Bear.


  4. I honestly don't remember what she said, Hill! You will have to remind me because I have no idea. I'm a horrible mom!


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