Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Target Practice

Have you ever walked into the bathroom to find your 3 year old daughter laughing maniacally, standing on the toilet seat and peeing? Oh, neither have I.

Have you ever attempted peeing while standing (I know I have!)?


  1. I told Nate about Darby's peeing practice and he was a little disturbed that women could control the direction of "things." I tried to explain that there's isn't that much control, but my words fell on deaf ears.

  2. When Aydin was 4 I was babysitting her cousin Cameron, who is a boy, and when the two of them were outside playing Cameron would just pull his pants down and squirt the dirt. Aydin thought that was a good idea instead of going all the way in the house to sit on the toilet to go pee. I caught the two of them outside standing by the swing, with their pants to their ankles, and squirting the dirt together. I would say Aydin can pee standing up and I am one proud Mama.

  3. Yeah, I do it all the time. No big deal -Dust

  4. In a public bathroom I try very hard to squat really close to the seat without actually sitting on it or touching it in any way. Good workout for buns & thighs!

  5. I haven't really tried, but my 2 year old does it perfectly. A nice drizzle down the legs and pool by the feet. Lovely.

  6. Here is the real important question:

    Has you ever seen a 3-yr old bring her mother a medicine syringe with the rubber seal gone? And when said mother asks here where it went she points down her open mouth?

    Oh. . .me either.


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