Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pay It Forward

That's right. This is the worst movie EVER. So, the kid dies? For real? I fracking hate this movie. And YOU...why didn't you warn me?


  1. I totally would've warned you if I had known you hadn't seen this movie yet! I would've said, "Helen Hunt is over rated and this was during the years that producers and directors thought she could do no wrong. I for one never found anything special in her. And that kid was just on the cusp of puberty and showing it. And Kevin Spacey, while always brilliant no matter what, just made a poor choice here. DON'T SEE IT!!"

    That's what I would've said. So you need to clear all movie choices through me, ok? Except I might recommend "Drop Dead Gorgeous" to you and you might hate me for it. That is our one movie disagreement.

  2. I completely agree. It was this feel good movie, and then the kid gets stabbed by another little white kid?!?! Uh-uh, this isn't the aryan brotherhood- this is a Helen Hunt movie, for crap's sake! I would have warned you, but I didn't realize it hadn't been yanked from the shelves after all the rioting and bedlam that were committed by disgruntled viewers after it was first released.


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