Monday, July 18, 2011

The Grudge

When I am finally debilitated by my multiple sclerosis, wearing a diaper and being pushed around in a wheelchair, I'm going to remind Darby of the comment she made to me today.

"Mom, that dinner was disgusting. And so are you."

For real? That hardly felt necessary.

And THAT is why I am going to lay the guilt on her as thick as I can. I'll follow that story up with the one about the 71 hours of labor that I suffered to bring her into this world. Then I might fall out of my wheelchair and fake my death for a few days, just to drive the point home.

I'm going to title my parenting manual, "Love and Logic? That's Crap." What do you think?

(for the record, i'll probably actually just cry about it later. please tell me your kids are mean to you, too!)


  1. Every time Emma doesn't like the look of dinner she says "Um... I'm fasting, Mom." Spencer says "But I don't WUV it!". Lucy says "I'm eating it even though it doesn't taste good."

  2. So you kid is crazy direct. I wonder where she learned that?. . . hmmmmmmm

    I have no such guilt to lay down on my kid. I was in labor for less than 9 hours, breastfeeding was a snap, potty training she seemed to do herself. I don't know what I would say to my kid to make her feel badly for the way she treats me.

    Maybe I should get a wheelchair and then fall out of it too? That always makes a nice visual.

    But I am sorry that she said that to you. Because I know for a FACT that you are not disgusting. And I doubt your meals are either.

  3. Are you still doing your disease diet? You have never made anything for me that was disgusting. Kacey isn't mean in the same way. Mostly she's just heinously ungrateful and selfish. No matter what we do for her, we could have done better & she tells us how we can improve next time.


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