Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jesus Wants Darby For A Sunbeam!

I cannot believe it; Darby started Sunbeams today. Her teachers said she did really well and that she didn't make a fuss or anything. I'm not going to lie; nursery was pretty uneventful without her. I'm so proud of my little big-girl and can't believe she is a Sunbeam already.


  1. Aaaahhh! When did she grow up??

  2. We weren't there today, so next week will be my first 'Gannon in Sunbeams' experience. tear.

  3. Darby is channeling a little Brittany in that picture. Weird. I've never thought about her looking a little like Brit.
    I suspect that Darby was just gettng a feel for the teacher in Sunbeams. THat's why there were no shananagins (sp?). She will one day hijack the class and hold the teacher and her fellow classmates for ransom. An entire carton of goldfish crackers and some juice, or someone's gonna get hurt....

  4. I can't believe that baby is a sunbeam. She's going to bring a lot of excitement to her teacher and the primary presidency, my prayers are with them all.

  5. I love when the nursery kids move to Sunbeams! Quite a shock for them, (no more toys and snacks. Lots more singing) but I love seeing them in primary trying to sing songs and just generally being wiggly.

    Did she have to apply for that Jesus Sunbeam position? or did a head hunter find her? Whatever the case, I'm hoping Jesus gets the sunbeam he wanted!


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