Thursday, January 28, 2010


So, people are too tactful to ask me sometimes about my health. I don’t blog about it too much because that’s lame. So, here is some clarification. And remember that my life is an open book and no question is too personal or off limits with me, so don’t feel uncomfortable about this stuff. I’ve had my MS meds on the brain lately because I will be starting (next week) a new MS med. We all know that I was off my meds for a while, and in the meantime, we had an insurance change. Because of this change, I can now get the MS therapy (injection) we’ve wanted to try from the very beginning. I was on Avonex, the really long needle you see pictured above. It is a once a week injection which must go into the muscle (thigh or upper arm---I only did thigh after we hit bone in my arm. Yeah, makes you shudder, doesn’t it!) and it makes you tremendously ill for the next 24 hours. That was lame. The shorter of the two needles is the size of the new medicine I will begin. It will be a daily injection, but I think it will be better. The side effects are not so severe and I’m really optimistic. It costs $2,900 a month without insurance. Thanks to Heavenly Father and Frankie, we have insurance and it will only cost us about $20 a month. Much better! If you have questions about Multiple Sclerosis, you can ask me or you can go to my favorite MS site, called MS Sucks. It is written by someone with MS about his experience and he lists a lot of facts that are hard to find. The address is and I think he is hilarious! I really don’t know a ton about the disease, to be honest. I figure I’d better not look it up because I’ll freak myself out and I’m already doing all I can do to stay healthy, so what’s the point? And I am healthy, just for the record. I sprint after Darby all day long and do everything I’ve always done, so don’t worry about me. I just wanted to show off my needles so you’d think I’m tough and I thought you might want an update.
On a sad note, my favorite author, J.D. Salinger, died yesterday. I mean, he was wicked old, like 90 or something, so I guess it’s not all that sad. He lived a long, weird life. Look him up sometime; you will not be bored, that’s for sure. He drank his own pee because of his religious beliefs. I will not be converting anytime soon. Who is your favorite author?


  1. I'm so glad the MS meds are going to be paid by the insurance! At least you don't have to add money worries to the batch.

  2. The new needles look so much better, but still one a day! I don't know if I could do it. You are much stronger than me.

    As for my favorite author, I have several. I love the book Cold Mountain and that was written by Charles Frazier. I also love the Dan Brown books and am looking forward to reading his new book, The Lost Symbol. I have also always liked John Grisham, even though I am often frustrated by the outcome.

  3. Word of advice don't let Frank give you the shot even if it is a smaller needle. I am glad abou the no more yucky side effects

  4. I'm excited about this new med. for you. You know if you are ever having a down day you can call me and I'l come get Darby right? Also, my favourite author is Georgette Heyer. She is an amazing writter and I might even make people mad by saying I think she is better than Jane Austen. blasphemy I know. :)

  5. I really hope this works for you. I'm also very grateful that you don't have one of the more painful types of MS.
    One of my favorite authors, Howard Zinn, died two days ago so I feel your loss.
    My favorite author is Harper Lee.

  6. I have to say needles are scary and you having to stick yourself everyday im sorry.

  7. I'm so glad that you don't have to take that crappy medicine anymore. I would rather take it every day and be fine afterwards than take it once a week and feel like death for 24 hours.
    I didn't even know J.D. Salinger was still alive, so the news of his death was surprising. I have to say that I really like Fannie Flagg, though I don't know if she is my favorite. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe is her best known book, but they are all good. I read a lot of them when I was pregnant with Kacey and not working.

  8. Avonex can suck it!!

    And as for authors, I think my classic favorite is Marquez. He is so amazing. And Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita is one of the most stunning masterpieces you will ever read. Just thinking that he was Russian and English is his THIRD language learned (after Russian and then French) makes the book that much more amazing. Because it was written in English, not translated. Seriously, it's amazing.

    Sleep Well, Salinger. You will be missed.


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