Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey, Hey, Hey; Goodbye.

Dear Avonex,

This is the hardest letter I’ve ever had to write.

So, today I started my new MS therapy and it was awesome! With Avonex (my previous med) the needle was crazy big and painful and I was so sick after and blah blah. Well, today I started Copaxone and it was love at first stick! First off, there is an injector so that all you do is press a button and the medicine delivers itself! The needle is so, so small that I didn’t even feel the injection and the only side effect was a little stinging and a small welt. It was so awesome! So, I’m breaking up with Avonex for forever. It’s over, please try to understand.

On another happy note, today is Frankie’s and my 6 year anniversary. Can you believe that an amazing guy like Frank would put up with me for this long? I am so thankful that he has disregarded the truth that he is way out of my league. He is wonderful; I’ve never known anyone like him. I love him so much.

What is something that you like about Frankie?


  1. Happy Anniversary you guys! 6 Years already! Crazy! Something I like about Frank is that he is rarely in a bad mood. Such a go with the flow guy! And... something I like about you is your amazing sense of style. You always manage to put such creative and fun outfits together. And...... we love that little Darby girl of both of yours!

  2. Oh where do I start!! I love that Frankie will put up with us when we get together. And he hangs out with us when we get together!

    I love that he got you. He was the only one deserving of you. I think he would back me up that you are a real catch.

    Happy Anniversary.

    And Avonex? You are officially on notice. The length of your needles was nearly comical. . .until it got stuck in my Best Friend's arm bone. You deserve to go down for what you have done to her. I never want to see your face around here again.

    Unless you come with a smaller needle.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!
    What I love about Frank: I love how calm Frank is everytime I see him. I also love Franks laugh.

    What I love about Hil: I love how I can talk to Hil about everything and she always has good advice. I love that Hil is such a rock for the family.

  4. I love Frank for many reasons. Several of them were listed above. In addition, I love Frank's subtle sense of humor, I love how good he is to you, and I love how he fits into our family like he belonged there all along. I also love that he gave Darby the "tan" gene, because you know she would be as pale as Kacey without it. It's a widely known fact that you can't be a hell cat AND pastey. It's one or the other. You are pastey and I am a hell cat. See how that works? =)

  5. Happy 6th Anniversary! You guys are so cute together. I know I haven't known Frank very long but you can tell that he is a great dad and that he really loves his wife. I am so sorry you have to deal with needles. To this day I still have to turn my head when I get them. Thank Heavens for smaller needles!

  6. Happy Anniversary! The best thing about being married is balancing out and bringing out the best in each other. " When you are with someone in whose presence you desire to achieve and who instills in you the desire to be your best self, that person is worthy of your love and awakening love in your heart"
    I love Franks, yours and Darby's smile! I love the desire to persevere and CTR!
    Sooo glad that the new medicine is nicer to you. Hope it helps the symptoms as well!


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