Friday, October 29, 2010

A Good Day

I know I just posted a few hours ago, but I wanted to share a sweet experience that Frankie and I just shared with Darby.

Last night, as we were going to bed, Darby complained to me, saying, “I NEVER get to go to the temple with you and Daddy.” So, I promised her that we would go with her Daddy to the temple the next day during his lunch break and have a picnic. We did and after we ate our lunch near the visitors’ center, we went inside to look at all of the displays. Upon entering the center, there is the Christus statue. Darby ran up to it and when I asked her who it was, she said, “Jesus Christ!” We talked about the marks in his hands and feet (left out the side) and she reached up to touch one of his feet. Then she reached up and touched his robe and said, “I can’t believe it.”

We went into a display room and Darby ran right out. I followed and found her back at the Christus, pressing her precious little fingers to the mark on his right foot. It was so sweet to see my daughter processing what her Savior did and who He is.

Then, she saw the fountain outside the visitors’ center and said, “(gasp) That’s Jesus Christ’s pool!”

It made me think about the scripture (Bing would know the reference, but I don’t know it off-hand) where He says that He will never forget us; that He has engraven us upon the palms of His hands.

I think the pool comment must have made Him smile, too.


  1. I know that Christ has a sense of humor. He loves the innocence of children . . . especially Darby!

  2. Thanks for sharing Hil! That is your best post ever! Darby is so sweet and sincere. I think she truely loves Jesus! If she has a pool of course Jesus would!

  3. I think you have the smartest funniest child ever. And I'm not surprised she has a good relationship with Jesus. I'm sure she was one of his favorites.

    And yes, that scripture is one of my favorites. You probably remember it because I would use it in appointments all the time! I'm very un-creative. Nothing much has changed since the mission.


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