Monday, April 11, 2011

Penny Pinching 101

There is something that you should know about me: I am a sucker, SUCKER for exercise equipment. And infomercials. And especially infomercials for exercise equipment. So, you can imagine my angst when I saw an infomercial for “Leg Magic” about 2 years ago. My legs could use some magic and As Seen On T.V. products always live up to their claims, right? Alas, the apparatus cost $100 and I didn’t have that kind of cash to blow. Let’s be real---it was going to end up at Goodwill at some point.

Which is exactly where I found it! I went to peruse the Goodwill with my brother Nate and I saw my beautiful Leg Magic just sitting there, for a mere twenty bucks! I wanted to buy it, but I didn’t. After a few days, I was still thinking about it (which is my sign that it wasn’t just an impulse buy and that I did actually need it). Nate informed me that the next Saturday would be 50% off Saturday. Friday night, we made sure it was still there. Nathan put it up on a shelf for me, to sort of hide it. I was very nervous; what if it was gone the next day? I should just buy it now! But, the cheapskate in me couldn’t bear the thought of spending $20 when I might have spent only $10, so I anxiously awaited Saturday.

We were standing in line, IN LINE, at the Goodwill on Saturday morning before the store opened. I could see my Leg Magic up on the shelf in the back, but there were 15 people ahead of us! What if one of them was there for my prize? What if this was all in vain? The doors opened and we all flooded into the building. It was like Black Friday at Walmart. We were all headed toward the back of the store. Would I get there in time?

No, I didn’t. But Nathan did! He B-lined it to my Leg-Magic and as he passed me on the way back up toward the register, I was smiling ear to ear! I mean, it was a little embarrassing how pumped I was. I beat the system! I followed my big brother to that register grateful that he had looked out for his kid sis and made my Leg Magic dreams possible. And for only 10 bucks! After the fact, I read reviews for Leg Magic on-line. Everybody said that it was a really good piece of equipment, but that it was too expensive. Not for me, ladies! Not for me. Who is the sucker now?!!


  1. I think that the only thing I miss about AZ is The Goodwill, and specifically that one that is close to your house. I found my sterling silver candelabras there for a steal! I have also picked up lots of super-cute name brand clothes, none of which fit me right now, but my motivation to fit into them again is that I got them at Goodwill on 50% off Saturday!!! I am also a sucker for fitness equipment infommercials. Windsor palates, The Firm, Bender Ball and Zumba were all purchased after seeing an inspiring infommercial that told the story of some 400 lb. woman who lost all the excess for only 3 monthly installments of $29.99. Didn't you have a Suzanne Summers Thigh Master too?

  2. I love a good deal! I'm totally missing all the funny "Hillary" stories and the way you tell them! I miss you!

  3. HAHA, you make me laugh.Im glad you found it at goodwill and Nate was being a good big brother.

  4. I love it! Let me know how it works!

    BTW . . . do you have a disk for me?

  5. My mother would be so proud of you. The goodwill shopping, the hiding of items to get a FURTHER discount. Seriously, she would applaud you and love you even more.

    I know about your love of infomercials. I think we have that in common. The only difference is that you actually buy them! I am too scared, even when they promise a money back guarantee. Some I have wanted to buy but never did: The magic bullet, P90X, and that GT Express grill. Which is like a waffle maker but without all the boxes pushing your food out. The food cooks in the wells!

    What is your favorite infomercial purchase? And which one have you come to regret over time?


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