Thursday, November 25, 2010

Smells Like the Color Brown

Yeah, I get it. It is Thanksgiving and I should be baking and cooking and basting and whisking, but I am not. Last year, I did all of that and then the 3 of us ate in like, 5 minutes and it was really lack-luster. This year, Nate and Haley live in town, but went out of town for the holiday, so it still would have been just the 3 of us. All Darby ever wants to eat is bologna, cheese, and a fruit snack, so the meal would have been lost on her. Frankie suggested we wait until Nate and Haley get back and I jumped on that opportunity! So, today we didn’t eat a great meal. We had some pretty lame spaghetti, actually. I did make green bean casserole, though, because it is divine. Anyway, we decided to take Darby to the movies for the first time and we saw Tangled. It was so good! She really enjoyed it for the most part. About 20 minutes before it ended, she said, “Is it over yet?” But, she sat through the rest of it just fine. And she loved the movie! It was really fun to watch her enjoy the theater experience. My favorite part of the movie is when the main guy says, “It smells like the color brown.” That is hilarious to me! Anyway, my favorite part of the day was when Darby was trying to get Frankie’s attention and she said, “Hey old man!” It was sweet justice because just last night, Frankie told me that he’ll always feel young because I’ll always be older than he is. Good thing he is so handsome, right? Helps me overlook such inflammatory statements! We went to the park after the movie and ran into Frankie’s uncle and cousins. We enjoyed hanging out at the park and came home for gross dinner and had a pretty good day. I’m thankful for so much, especially my family. Frankie and Darby, Mom and Daddy, Corrine and Brett, Nate and Haley, Britney, Aramie and Matt and Kacey, Adam and Lindsey and Montanna and Eden, Dustin and Jessica and Omega, Glen, Aaron and Katie; I love each of you guys. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Amen :P

How was your day?


  1. Harrison and Christon took their girls to see that movie yesterday and this morning their youngest, 3 year old Reagan cut her own hair, OFF! Such Thanksgiving DRAMA like you have never seen or heard before!!!
    Other wise, we had a great day!

  2. We love you too and are thankful to you. And please don't go throwing that name around...I almost threw up my Thanksgiving dinner! ;o)

  3. I ran a 5K in the BUTT cold freezing morning. And then I ruined the gravy. Which is weird because like gravy is my THING. I don't know what went wrong. Anyway, due to my OCD and freakish planning, I had the whole meal planned down to the minute. What went in at what time, and when to do certain things. I'm telling you, it went off like a dream. (except for the aforementioned gravy, of course) And I needed that meal sanity because my father came over to eat with the new wife. Call me and I'll give the details.

    I'm thankful for you on this thanksgiving. And you can tell Frankie that you may be older than him, but that just means you are wiser. So he should listen to whatever you say. You know, respect your elders and all that.

  4. It was awful because I was racked with guilt. I didn't realize my niece and nephew were all alone and I didn't invite them. I apologize. Again. :o(

  5. oh, Aunt Patrice! we know that we are welcome to crash anytime and we feel comfortable doing it! don't waste another thought on that!

  6. We missed you and glad you had a fun day!


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