Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Recruit

Darby is amazing. We all know that.

Frankie took the Darbinator to the park last Saturday and she started kicking around a soccer ball with a little girl she met a few minutes earlier. Then, the little girl’s dad came over and started kicking the ball with Darby. He turned to Frank and said, “She is amazing.” Frank said that we are pretty impressed with her and the man said, “No; she is awesome.” He went on to tell Frankie that he is the coach of a little girls’ soccer team and that they need Darby and asked Frank to please sign her up. He wrote down his name and number, the team name, where to go to sign up, etc.

How cool is that? My three year old got recruited at the park!

And he was right. We signed her up and I took her to her first practice on Thursday. This girl is amazing! She’s never touched a soccer ball in her life, but she stole the friggin’ show. I kept hearing the coach say, “good kick Darby!” and I could tell that he was really pleased with her. She was awesome. So, we took her to the store to get a soccer ball. There were pink ones and blue ones and all sorts of pretty colors for her to pick from. She chose the classic black and white ball. That’s right, all business for Darby the Destroyer! I’m so proud of my little girl.

You want to know what is the cutest thing in the history of ever? Darby in shin-guards and cleats. So, I’m starting out my days as a soccer mom a little early and I’m looking quite forward to living vicariously through my super-star daughter.


  1. Way to go Darby! I wish we were there so we could go to some of her games. It would be so much fun to see a bunch of 3 year olds playing soccer. You need to take some pictures because I would love to see Darby in shin guards and cleats.

  2. I knew she would be an excellent athlete. Just like her Auntie Aramie =)
    Kacey doesn't have the killer instinct. She stands in the field and makes up songs and dances while the ball passes her by. I always wanted to play soccer, but alas. Kacey is more artistically inclined. Hopefully that means she will wear black lipstick and write dark poetry when she is in junior high instead of getting involved in self-confidence boosting athletics. That would really be unfortunate.....

  3. Darby is so awesome! I'm so glad you guys were able to sign her up. I definately think Gannon could benefit from soccer. Keep us updated on it. I would love to go to a game.

  4. Hello we want to see pictures!!

  5. It's funny how things happen that way! You may have never known her talent if it weren't for that little excursion. We saw her there, and she was GOOD.

  6. You know this means you're going to have to start running more. That kid's pretty fast as it've got a lot of running in your future.

  7. Oh my gosh! Yes! You are going to have to run around like crazy!

    I told Marcelo this story and he got WICKED jealous. And he wants us to go to the park every day now. And visit multiple parks all while showcasing her abilities. Which she of course has none. She's not quite two, remember.

    But I want seats to the world cup when she's winning it in 16 years. Just tell her to keep her shirt on after the goal

  8. Aramie, don't forget a dog collar and then she will be like mommy :)
    Luv u hill


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