Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MS is BS!

My sweet and devoted sister-in-law Jessica is doing a walk to raise money for the MS Society. I’m so grateful to and humbled by her for being so loving and dedicated. So, I’m posting her website, just in case anyone is feeling rich and has a few extra bucks to donate to her team. Their name is the best; “MS is BS!” Isn’t that hilarious?! And so true!

Here is her site, should you feel so inclined. Isn’t that just the sweetest thing to do? She had a team all put together and was already entered in the walk before she even told me about it. What a sweet sister I have. She and I have known each other since she was only 14 years old. I loved her before this, of course, but she is going above and beyond and I’m so thankful for her.

MS really is BS, and true to her nature, Jessica is doing something about it.


  1. That is so sweet! I jump on board and made it into a face book page. Add the link on your blog so everyone you know can invite friends to join and get the word out. I love you Hil!!

  2. I think another good name for a group is: "MS. . . I want to punch you in the throat!!"

    That is so amazing that she's doing that. She's such a good sister in law to you. And to all MS patients.

    I love you and hope you are having a good day! A good "MS can suck it" day!

  3. Jess is so pro-active. I almost did a Relay For Life, but then I remembered how much I love to sleep at night instead of walking around a track over and over.
    I'm going to start a group to do a NF-2 walk. My team will be called "NF-2 smells like poo!"
    I love you Jess, if you are reading this.

  4. what a sweet thing for her to do, I wish you BOTH the best.


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