Friday, July 30, 2010

Useless Thoughts On Hair

Sometimes I look at women with long hair and think that their tresses are so beautiful and that maybe I should grow my hair out again. Then I remember having long hair and I re-promise myself that I will never do that again!

For a really long time, my hair was down to the bottom of my back. I was too scared to part with my identity as “the girl with long hair.” About a year into our marriage, I decided to chop it all off and luckily, my Frankie supported my decision. I’ve had short hair ever since and I will never, ever grow it out again! In fact, I want it shorter and shorter. Looking back on pictures of myself with long hair I think, “Gross!” Now, some people really do look good with long hair, but some people do not. I am one of the latter. I’m no longer “the girl with long hair.” I’m actually probably “the girl with a really bad haircut” or “the girl who ought to grow it out”, but at least I can take a chance. And really, for how long can you have long hair without looking like a lady who is too old for long hair? What do you think is the age cut-off? I’m not saying we all need Golden Girl hair (but I’m totally planning on it), just wondering how old is too old for long hair?


  1. I coveted your long hair and collection of shoes.

  2. That hair is the first thing I saw of you. . . Because your back was turned to me when I first saw you in Ambato conference. And I was thinking "Who is the girl with the hair? Who does she think she is?" And then I learn. . . She is Hillary Judd. She needs no definition or explanation.

    And I would LOVE to know what your other readers think is the cutoff for long hair. I have often thought the same question. What is the age? Maybe like it needs to be off your shoulders by the time you are 60. And off your neck by the time you are 70? I think I'm sticking with that theory.

    Oh Blanche. So tarty!

  3. Ive only seen you with short hair and I think that you look beautiful with short, but then you are probably like haley where it works both ways.

  4. This question depends entirely on the individual, I think. You looked beautiful with long hair, but I like it best exactly how you have it now. Speaking of hair, I am off to get mine cut again tomorrow. I want to grow it out to my chin, but it is so hideous in the growing-out phase!

  5. I actually prefer myself with short hair, but I have long hair out of complete laziness. And cheapness.
    Can we see some of the gross long hair pix?? And I knew a lady on my mish who had long white hair and she always had it in a beautiful knot type of bun. I was way jeal. I don't have white hair, but maybe i'll try the knot and be the nasty old lady with long hair?

  6. I was looking at the engagement pictures I took of you and Frank and I thought what a handsome couple! I loved your long hair! You look darling in short as well. Perhaps the key is looking feminine? I don't know if there is an age specifically but I never thought long gray hair was very attractive and if your hair starts to look dull and split if doesn't look good at any age!


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