Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Am So Sowwy

It was a tragedy. And a complete accident. And hilarious.

Yesterday, a telemarketer called offering life insurance. She gave her shpeel and then asked when her boss, Ron, could call and tell me how much he could save us on life insurance. The thing is, she had a speech impediment. She said, “So, when should Won call you to talk about insuwance? Mowning, aftewnoon, ow evening?”

What you have to know about me is that I, too, had this same speech impediment when I was a child. What happened next was unintentional and cwuel. I mean cruel.

I said, “Well, we alweady have life insurance.”

I would never make fun of anybody like that. She didn’t know that about me. After she hung up on me, I felt horrible, but laughed so hard. I am a tewwible pewson.


  1. Laughing covers up the annoyance.

  2. So it was an accident!!?? That is funny!

  3. When I am in a meeting with parents and they have a certain way of speaking, it is hard not to pick up on that and start talking like they do. I can totally relate. Funny!

  4. Oh, you are so naughty. Glad that you're going to stay around for a while!

  5. How wude. You weally need a lesson in mannews.

  6. TWICE when I was in Missouri I found myself mimicking my sister in law's thick Mexican accent TO HER FACE!! It is so hard not to do that when you hear it for a while.

    And I think everyone should get off Madonna's back about her "fake English accent." I mean, she lived there for like 10+ years! If I'm using a Mexican accent after a ten min conversation, think about what I would do after 10 years.

    But seawiously, that is too funny!


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