Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today, Darby gave the Article of Faith during the opening exercises in primary. Why would someone call on a 3 year old to give the second A of F? Some adults have a hard time with the word "transgression"! Anyway, Darby did great. Especially with the words "punished" and "transgression."

Go figure.

Aside from her devious tendencies, isn't she so adorable?


  1. Good job Darby! Aunt Lindsey needs to tech you the song. It makes those Articles of Faith so much easier. We're excited to see you in a couple months!

  2. Hooray for Darby! Darby knows all about transgressions and punishment. She can probably spell them too. She is a naughtiness genius! I agree with Lindsey that the easiest way to teach kids the articles of faith is to teach them the songs. I can honestly say that I only know the 12th article of faith verbatum because of the song.

  3. It does seem like they would have her say the prayer or something first!!! Glad it went well. Yes she's adorable! That's a precious picture! Gran sends kisses and hugs!


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