Monday, November 9, 2009

Give Me Something Good To Eat!

Now, I had to steal these images from Corrine’s blog because I never take any pictures at all! I rely so much on her to keep a record of my family! I’m so appreciative of her picture taking tendencies and abilities.

So, Darby was a monkey for Halloween. When Uncle Rich asked me what Darby was going to be, I said, “A monkey.” He said, “I know she’s a monkey, but what is she going to be for Halloween?” And that’s my Darbs! Aramie sent us the costume and it was so cute on Darbenstien. She loved the coat; she calls it her “rain coat” and wants to wear it every time we leave the house! She had a great Halloween; her Gran came down for a visit and they made sugar cookies together. Then, we met up with our friends, the Sell family, and took the kids to this neighborhood that closes off a cul de sac and people just line the street in their lawn chairs to pass out candy. It was so fun! Darby thinks it’s so great. She told me the next day (and that night on the way home, actually) that she wants to go again. She made out like a bandit and really enjoyed herself.

At our new house, I bought tons of candy to pass out and we only got 1 trick-or-treater! That’s a grand total of 2 in my whole married life! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to eat the candy myself. I mean, I wouldn’t want to have to return it to the store. That would be bad for the economy.

How was your Halloween?


  1. I see that Darbarino enjoys a little cookie with her candy corn, not unlike her Uncle Nate. She is so cute in that costume! It is hilarious to see her next to all the other little girls in their princess costumes, and in true Darby fashion she is in the monkey costume! I love it! Is that one of Kacey's old princess dresses that she is wearing in the black & white photo?
    Our Halloween story could begin "it was a drak & stormy night" because that's exactly what it was. Very, very windy. We had lots of candy thieves in the neighborhood, as usual.

  2. Oh- and I'm glad to see that fabulous orange rubber spatula in the corner of one of the pictures!

  3. i was hoping you'd notice the spatula! thanks; i use it all the time and make extra sure it doesn't meet the same fate as my last one...(don't tell family secrets, Aramie!)

    yes; that is one of Kacey's princess dresses. Darby LOVES them and they fit her perfectly. i'm too poor to buy those dresses, and Kacey's aren't knock-offs; they're the real deal! they are a big hit with the babysitting co-op kids, too. thank you!

  4. I'm so glad Corrine found a way to take pictures. They are so adorable!!

  5. I'm glad that the dresses are a hit. I just couldn't bear to watch Katelyn try to squeeze into them, then ask me to fasten the velco that is stretched beyong capacity again! I have already started a new box for Darby. Summer stuff that I know Kacey won't be able to wear next year. I love you so much!!

  6. Question: Has anyone ever made good to "pull down your underwear" if treats were not produced on demand for Halloween? I want to know the statistics on that one.

    As for your child, she's the monkey to my child's banana. I love her so much. And you guys too


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